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Informatica Advanced Performance & Tuning Course

Video Run Time: 11 hrs
Number of Videos: 44
Classroom Equivalent: 3 days
Pre-Requisites: 9 to 12 months of Informatica Experience
Audience: ETL Specialists, SQL Data Movement Experts, Infa Implementation Specialists

This course presents Informatica Advanced Performance and Tuning topics including parallelism, partitioning, complex design approaches, and huge volume processing. The instructor dives deep into advanced settings for optimal performance.

The focus of this class is to experience, walk through, learn and engage with advanced settings, complex versus simple designs, and how they impact system performance. This class will take the student through the information necessary to enable processing at speeds of 80,000 rows per second and above. In this class, we touch on everything from mapping designs to database impacts, to row and column sizes. We delve into database settings, parallel queries, and finding and solving performance problems that are otherwise missed. During the class the student will learn about the differences between auto-memory management and managed memory settings, scheduling conflicts and too much (over) parallelism. This class also covers information about memory, disk, hardware, CPU, over-utilization, and performance baseline measurement.

Techniques taught in this course provide performance improvements from 400% to 4000%. These techniques can reduce 4 hour run times to under 30 minutes (and 2 hour run times down to 20 minutes, and 12 hour run times to 1.5 hours). Register today to find out how to really make your Informatica sessions hum. *** This course is CUSTOM BUILT by Dan Linstedt and takes you far beyond Informatica's standard training materials. It covers concepts not found in user manuals, blogs, or anywhere else!

Course Outline:

Introduction and Expectations

Hardware Architecture

Database Systems Review

Baseline Performance Testing

Informatica Server and Repository

Mapping Design and Tuning

Sessions and Multi-Pass Architectures