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Informatica Powercenter Introduction & Basics Course

Video Run Time: 16 hrs
Number of Videos: 141
Classroom Equivalent: 4 days
Pre-Requisites: 6 to 8 months of IT systems experience
Audience: ETL Specialists, Data Integration Implementors, SQL Data Movement Experts

This comprehensive course covers the fundamentals including: What is Informatica? How does it work? How do I work with it? This course covers Informatica from top to bottom in the core architecture of the product. The instructor will take the student through the architectural components, the Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, Repository Manager, and server configurations and setup. It will cover basic concepts about mapping design, workflow design, and process monitoring.

During the class, the student will learn about each of the transformation objects, what they are for, and how they might be used to solve specific business problems. This course is equivalent (in agenda only) to Informatica PowerCenter Level 1 Developer. *** This course is CUSTOM BUILT by Dan Linstedt and takes you far beyond Informatica's standard training materials. It covers concepts not found in user manuals, blogs, or anywhere else!

Course Outline:

Introduction and Architecture

Client Software Overview

Source Object Definitions

Target Object Definitions



Monitoring Workflows


Filter Transformation

Sorter Transformation

Aggregator Transformation

Joiner Transformation

Lookup Transformation

Target Options

Update Strategy Transformation

Router Transformation

Parameters and Variables

Unconnected Lookups

Heterogeneous Targets


Reusable Transformations

Sequence Generator Transformation

Error Logging

Workflow Configuration

Reusable Tasks

Non-Reusable Tasks