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What Our Customers Are Saying



Training from experience, not the manual!

The Informatica Advanced Course was awesome. I can tell you confidently that I learned a lot with your video lectures. I have attended a few classes with Informatica, but I always forget what I learned there. This does not happen with your video lectures because I see the lessons are coming from your experience rather than from the manual. I totally agree that, "It covers concepts not found in user manuals, blogs, or anywhere else!" Thank you so much for delivering such wonderful world class training for a very low cost. I recommend my old and new colleagues and friends to visit your site and learn first hand from Daniel.

- S. Sunkara

High quality content!

"Extremely innovative delivery of high quality information in concise, easy to digest segments."

- Robert - Consultant

Exceptional Training Format!

"The training format is exceptional - the whiteboard sessions are a great addition to the classroom lectures, presentations and Informatica in action. This class really held my interest."

- Samantha - Data Architect

Cost Effective!

"It is the most cost effective course on the earth!"

- Srini S.

Deeper Understanding of Informatica

“Thanks again for the valuable Informatica training. Not only did our team learn more about the application, we gained further insight into our own environment.”

- Kelly MacCarroll - Catholic Health Initiatives

Big Savings!!

“Our company saved thousands of dollars by using Trainovation for our Informatica training. We trained more people for less money! What a concept!”

- Edward C. – Health Insurance Company


“I love the innovative approach to online training!”

- Martin R. - A National Beverage Company

I Learned at My Own Pace

“I don’t know if I could ever sit through a traditional training session again. I really enjoyed being in control of my learning. I could fly through sections that I knew a lot about and rewind several times to cover areas that I was not familiar with. It allowed me to learn at my own pace without being slowed down by others.”

- Philip – IT Professional - Telecommunications Company

Easy to Understand!

“Dan Lindstedt makes the training easy to understand and follow. I feel like I truly understand the tool now.”

- Scott K. - Data Enterprise Professional

Gain Skills & Confidence!

“I took this training after I was laid off. It gave me the skills and confidence to accept a recent job offer in the Data Enterprise field. Thanks TrainOvation!”

- Robert - Business Intelligence Specialist

Instructor with Industry Experience!

“Dan speaks from experience when he teaches this course. When he steers us away from a certain way to do things, it is clear he knows the pitfalls that lie down that road. Thanks for making it so easy to understand Dan!”

- Lynn Taylor - VP of Systems Architecture

Affordable and Convenient!

“My company has been cutting back on its training budget, so I took the advanced Performance and Tuning course at my own expense. Thanks so much for making it affordable and convenient!”

- Rebecca L. - Manager at a Large Consulting Company